Terms & conditions

The Eye Clinic provides services to patients who have disorders of the eye and visual system. Whilst general ophthalmology falls within our remit, our expertise lies in the management of complex disorders of the retina and vitreous. We also offer world-class care to patients in need of lens replacement surgery either because of cataract or to achieve freedom from spectacle-wear.

We want our patients to have an outstanding experience, in addition to an excellent outcome. We recognise that the process of obtaining care begins with seeking an appointment. To facilitate this, we offer the option of making an online booking.

In using this service, you are agreeing to the following:

1. A consultation at The Eye Clinic aims to identify the underlying cause(s) of your problem to subsequently tailor a solution. It is implied that there will be an examination which is usually supplemented by in-house investigations.

2. A thorough examination involves dilating the pupil using drops. It is not safe to drive afterwards.

3. Our service is based on a “one-stop” model of delivery meaning that we aim to undertake all investigations considered to be necessary during the booked encounter.

4. If you are seeking a second opinion, we encourage you to share results and reports from previous encounters elsewhere. We will nonetheless always repeat those investigations considered to be essential in reaching a diagnosis.

5. The amount of time allocated for an appointment is nominal and could be much longer based on the complexity of the situation. Please allow for this.

6. Attending a few minutes ahead of the appointed time is always appreciated. A late arrival can never be justified by having to wait to be seen. Late arrivals always result in delays that are carried forward through the day. There is always an impact on other service users.

7. An appointment is provided to most patients without a prepayment. We reserve the right to request a prepayment, apply a penalty, or even refuse an appointment, if there has been a previous last-minute cancellation or no-show.

8. We have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to any form of abuse towards our staff.

Please consult our charter for some insight into our practice ethics (charter.theretinologist.com). Our tariffs can be consulted online too (tariffs.theretinologist.com).

The Eye Clinic
May 2023
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